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Odoo Analytische Boekhouding

27/06/2017 13:17:24 In Blog
odoo, boekhouding, analytische, beopen
3 scenario’s in 3 verschillende bedrijfsdomeinen: Industrieel bedrijf: Kostenanalyse, Advocatenkantoor: Dossieranalyse, IT / Services bedrijf: Prestatie analyse

Odoo Experience Days

19/06/2017 09:55:00 In Blog

BeOpen Security - API

06/06/2017 11:46:47 In Blog
odoo, security, api
API (tools.file_open) Alle BeOpen omgevingen zijn geüpdatet.

Fleet Management made Easy

17/05/2017 11:16:58 In Blog
fleet, wagenpark, beopen, odoo, beheer, leasing, brandstofverbruik, kilometerstand, auto
BeOpen Fleet (Odoo); Beheer het onderhoud, kilometerstand, brandstofverbruik en de leasing contracten van uw wagenpark

BeOpen Security - WannaCry

16/05/2017 14:15:05 In Blog

Odoo Point Of Sale

15/05/2017 11:30:40 In Blog
odoo, pos, kassasysteem, online, retail, gecertificeerd
Het Online Odoo retail kassasysteem (POS) is een gecertificeerd GKS. Probeer het Gratis.

Odoo Membership

12/05/2017 11:33:40 In Blog
beopen, odoo, leden
BeOpen Lidmaadschap

Odoo Security Advisory - Ghostscript

08/05/2017 09:37:15 In Blog
odoo, security, ghostscript
GhostScript is NOT installed on BeOpen servers, so it was never vulnarable for this exploid

BeOpen Configurator - Docker Management

05/05/2017 12:07:31 In Blog
odoo, docker, configurator, beopen, software, container
Odoo Docker management - Manage your Odoo Hosting

Odoo Wins

14/04/2017 12:51:17 In Blog
odoo, beopen, erp, software, review
Odoo wins two Prestigious ERP Software Awards from FinancesOnline.

Choosing a software is not enough, know how to implement it!

21/03/2017 12:33:49 In Blog
project management, software, beopen, quiz, odoo, implementation
Do the Project Management Quiz. This competency is needed for a successful Odoo implementation.

Odoo Security Announcement

31/01/2017 09:11:07 In Blog
odoo, security, beopen
How does Beopen takes care of security?

Your Homepage

30/12/2016 12:01:18 In Blog
website, homepage, odoo, beopen
Your Homepage is an important page on your website. Manage it with Odoo Website Builder.

You Are Never Alone!

23/12/2016 14:32:55 In Blog
beopen, holiday, greetings
Thank you for your support and trust in our services

Promote Your Website

20/12/2016 10:57:38 In Blog
seo, website, beopen, search, engine optimization, for
Search Engine optimization: There is no point in advertising on keywords no one is searching for!