Odoo "Coins"

How to use you own currency in Odoo?

Six months ago, we were requested by  in4care  to think about how Odoo can manage a proprietary currency. At first this looked like a strange question but after some thinking we came with a solution that combines the use of the standard Coupon Program from Odoo Sales combined with Odoo Portal and Odoo webshop.

An own currency seems unthinkable, but for a member organization that wants to create added value to its members, this has become the driver to motivate and attract members.

Coins are given automatically with the purchase of a membership, and per €100 purchased you will get 1 coin worth €100. In the case of in4care this means that the membership is free because you can purchase services and products for free for the amount of your subscription.

These coins are a great tool that generates a greater involvement and dynamism between their members. With these coins members purchase seats during Pitch Pilot meetings, rent Digital Experience Boxes or subscribe to events.

if you also want your own currency!