With the basic features you can organize your school administration and manage your courses, students and staff.
  • Students

Educational Institutes core members are their students. Great students bring more value to the institute and that's why it is always a good approach to manage students through the student management system provided by the BeOpen educational platform.

The student can access the system with a unique username and password. The student management system offers student dashboard, which offers a great outlook on the class timetable and assignment left

The student can also submit assignments directly from the assignment submission tab when the Assignment module is installed. With library functionality installed by the Library module , students can also choose to propose new books and ask the librarian to add this to the library collection by submitting a request.

Overall, the student management system provides amazing features and functionality for any student.

  • Staff

A great faculty can transform how the students learn and create an environment of innovation, creativity and excellence. With Beopen Education, faculties get more exposure and improved control over different aspects of teaching the students.

The faculty management system comes with a faculty dashboard which works seamlessly and can be used by faculty to take a look at the schedule or other information at a glance. The faculty dashboard also supports layout change for better user experience. Faculty can also request books and manage book queue requests in the Library module.

  • Course management

Schools are the collective sum of the students, faculties and the courses they teach the students. The whole ecosystem offers great opportunities for the students to learn, but courses hold the major chunk of the learning. With great education, students learn more and retain information better!

  • Student numbers

Let's be honest, not all people have simple names. To avoid any problems that might occur when a student's name needs to be inserted, use unique student numbers instead.

No longer shall Mark A. get the results of Marc A. and no longer shall you have to spend hours trying to figure out how to fix this mistake! By just using each students number, no more mistakes will be made

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Extend the Basics

with a multitude of features


Manage the attendance per student, teacher or classgroup


Keep track of all your assets


Manage different classrooms and their unique assets


Register payments and have a general invoicing engine for cost-related items


Plan, generate and activate timetables for students and staff


Register your students easily online or on-site

Parent Login

Collaborate online with the parents of your students

Beopen Education results


Register and communicate  your student sresults


Upload, manage and rate the assignments online through the dashboard


Create, grade and follow-up on your students exam


Register all activities in group or for individual students


Get your books online and track their every move


Assign scholarships and keep track of the actual requests


Keep track of your routes, stops and vehicles



Record the medical check-ups and incidents around the school



Keep in contact with your students when they graduate


Book rooms, facilities and register the contracts


Allow companies to contact your students and offer them a job